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Animal Control

We provide animal removal and control services for homes and business through out New Jersey. We specialize in safely removing squirrels raccoons and all other animals that have wandered their way into your home's attic, basement or chimneys. We use safe and humane procedures when we remove and control animals in New Jersey.

We provide same day animal removal services and will respond fast to all removal calls we receive because animals are very violent when protecting their young or feel endangered. When encountering a animal trapped in your house, please call us NOW for you safety. We are a professional animal removers and control company with over twenty years experience in animal removal for homes in New Jersey.

You may think that common outdoor animals that roam freely about New Jersey are harmless to you. What you don't realize is that cute raccoon walking in your backyard or those furry squirrels running in the front yard are known for carrying and transmitting rabies because of their natural dis-temperament. reliable termite pest and animal control pest specializes in animal removal in New Jersey of all types of rodents and other animal. From a friendly squirrel, to a large ugly rat, Reliable Termite, Pest & Animal Control technicians have the knowledge to help rid you of these pests. These animals and outdoor rodents are dangerous to you and especially your pets. We offer a free pest control inspection as well as 24 hour same day animal removal service in New Jersey. All of our pest control and animal removal services are fully warrantied.

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